How do you think cheese got its holes?

Everyday cheese iz bein abandoned by peeps who call it stinky and throw it in da trash. This is very unfair 2 da cheese and makes it feel sad which is not okay. Cheese has da same right 2 dis wurld as we do! It deserves to beaten! Not thrown in da trash for da germs! Dis needs 2 stop! Cheese iz 1 of da world's most bootiful fuds! Let's all do our part 2 save it from going extinct! If you still don't believe me, here r da health benefits of cheese: Check dis out!

Think mice will take care of da cheese not bein eaten? Think again. Mice don't actually like cheese very much and prefer things like peanut butter. (Remember dis when trying to catch dem) Though dey will eat it, given a choice dey much prefer sweet things. Therefore dey would b less likely to eat all dat wasted cheese so don't rely on dem!

Here are some of da most unloved and underestimated cheeses:

Remember 2 always eat ur cheese!